Importance of a Team

This week I didn’t know what I was going to write about it and then it came to me last night I was watching the show “The Hunt” on Netflix. Its about predator vs prey in the wild and the struggle for a successful hunt in the wild. After watching a few episodes I realized something, the animals that hunted alone, for instance the leopard and the polar bear. They failed at catching their prey over 80% of the time while they used tactics that worked their success rate was super low. On the other hand the animals that hunted together in packs, like the wild dogs and killer whales, had a success rate of over 50%. As well as they were bringing down prey much larger themselves. I bring all of this up because it opened my eyes to importance of having a team and support system around you. If you are trying to reach your goals alone, you may succeed but it will take longer and the results may not be as big! If you surround yourself with people that align with your goals and help you to achieve what you want in the gym, at work, and life in general, then you have a better chance of accomplishing them alone! Every great person has a great team behind them. I challenge you this week to look at who is on your team are they helping you go above and beyond your goals or just watching you go alone?



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