Biggest Struggle! 

Time to get real and open up about what I struggle with the most. My biggest weakness that has set me back from my goals multiple times is binge eating. Especially this past month I have struggled with this for many reasons. The first is the ease of it, it was my sisters birthday so I was home and there was tons of cake and food. Instead of just having a cheat meal I had cheat night, eating everything in sight until I felt sick. I felt awful and guilty the next day for slipping up and letting myself go that bad. Then a few weeks later it was easter break and that weekend being home and having easter sweets all around set up another binge and the cycle happened again, then I went back to school for my last few weeks of college ever, I was set to be dialed back in and focus on my diet. Now through all of this my training was still consistent, I didn’t skip workouts or training and that helped with not gaining a ton of weight. I was dialed back into the diet for the next couple weeks at school, but then graduation weekend set up another chance to binge eat, I went crazy on ice cream, drinks, and fried foods. 
 I think the biggest reason it was so easy to let myself binge like this, this past month is because of the unknown. I have always been an emotional eater and its been something that has been a real struggle in trying to lose weight and keep weight off. I was anxious about passing all my classes, leaving school, graduating, and the stress of getting all packed up and moving to Ohio. I had a lot of emotions and it was easy to turn to food. 

 Now the damage is done, I gained about 5 pounds, that doesn’t seem like that much, but its a wake up call. If I continue to go on this way and not recognize what is happening. Weight gain can spiral out of control. Luckily I am going to be surrounded by like minded people in the fitness industry out here in Ohio and I am excited to make the most of this opportunity. I’m not looking for pity or making excuses about the slip ups in my diet the past month, but I want you all to know that when you mess up on your diet or miss a workout, that its how you bounce back that defines you. I have set myself up a plan to be consistent with my diet, planning my meals ahead of time, and focusing on food as fuel! Eat to live, don’t live to eat! If you are struggling with diet, training or motivation develop a plan, reset your lifestyle and don’t lose sight of the big picture and your goals! 

Colton Anderson

IG- @c_andersonfitness 


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