Importance of Accessory Work 

What’s up everybody! Zachkoteckifitness here with another blog post, this time coming from my new home at Iron Valley Barbell! This week I want to share with you one of the more important things I’ve picked up on in just my one week of being here already and that is how important accessory work is to your main lifts and also stretching. I’ll hit on stretching first. Most people like myself lift heavy and often with no problem as to wanting to do so or having the urge to but we often neglect the stretching aspect of lifting. Stretching offers your body and muscles to elongate, strengthen and recover faster. This will allow you’re body to get into better positioning in your lifts. Before I start every workout I go through a mobility and stretching routine, as to priorly walking into the gym and going straight into my workout for the given day.. STUPID! I first will take a foam roller and lay on the ground hitting my low back first then middle and upper back making sure to hit the lats and making my way to my lower body as well. Basically everything you can think of needs to be rolled and worked out. This is not fun whatsoever because it will hurt worse than stepping on legos, but you have to push through the pain and work! You’ll know if you’re doing it right by the pain haha. After this I will take a resistance band and wrap it around my back hooking each end to the bottoms of my feet sitting down and stretch out my hamstrings and open up my hips real well getting them loose and ready to lift. Depending on the day I will do the same concept for my arms and shoulders and always always I will do torso twists with a long wooden stick to open up my chest and get blood flowing throughout the mid torso. (If you don’t have a stick you can use a pvc pipe or anything lightweight and long). Next off is accessory work. Accessory work are lifts that will transfer or carry over into one or more of your main lifts; bench press, squat or Deadlifts. 2 accessory movements I’m working on right now is rear delt pulls for my bench press. I’m doing 5 sets of 20 twice a week aside from my regular days of chest and back. My other accessory lift is 45 degree back Extensions and prone hamstring curls to strengthen up my hamstrings because I’m having trouble getting the bar off the ground while deadlifting heavy weight. Having the knowledge to know where you’re weak at is and knowing how to fix the issue is huge to becoming a stronger and healthier lifter. Here being at Iron Valley Barbell I have the advantage to learn and train with some of the best and strongest lifters in the world. The things I’ve learned and will continue to learn while I’m here are unfathomable. I can’t wait to spread and share the techniques and tricks to the sport of lifting to whomever wants to get better! As always Be Relentless and Get After It! -Zach Kotecki

IG: zachkoteckifitness 

“Raise your expectations” 

-Zach Homol


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