Chasing Dreams 

What’s up everybody! Hope you’ve all been having a great week thus far! This week I’ll be going over my latest week and my big move! With summer approaching rather quickly and the physique show later on in the year I’ve decided to do a practice prep for just 6 weeks and prepare for it as if I were to be stepping on stage at the end. My diet is strictly Anabolic Fasting protocol eating 2 meals a day and a carb spike at night for all 7 days of the week and lunging 800meters for conditioning 5 days a week and 1 day of weighted 400 meter lunges for power. Normally with AF you’re allowed to have cheat meals Friday and Saturday but I won’t be able to do that for the show so why practice anything otherwise. It was hard to resist the drinks with friends over the weekend as I’m accustomed to going out and partaking in that type of activity and even harder to not order food at the famous Sub T’s sandwich shop we always go to haha. But it was all worth it, it’s mind over matter and you just have to keep the end goal in mind and that is another part of the sport I love, that challenge. Furthermore this Sunday I will be moving to Indianapolis, Indiana to intern at Iron Valley Barbell under Zach Homol! Zach’s been a huge inspiration not only in my fitness career but most importantly in life. He’s instilling in me the mindset of what it takes to be a gym owner, a respectable man and along with all that one strong baaaaadddd dude! I cannot wait to start there on Monday and take full advantage of this opportunity I’ve set myself up to get. I will for sure be documenting a ton of my time spent there so stay tuned to my Instagram @zachkoteckifitness for updates, exercise techniques and motivation to WIN THE DAY! Bottom line is if you want something in life go out and get it! Chase that dream, make that move and get away from being comfortable because if you don’t you will never grow. I’m taking that step Sunday and I know I will thank myself for it everyday after. Till next time..#BeRelentless 
 ⁃ Zach Kotecki

IG @zachkoteckifitness

Facebook @RelentlessFitness


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