Look Ahead- Zach in 2017

Whaaaaatsup everybody! This week I am going to let you guys in on some of the events I have coming up this year in the fitness world. Before I do that I will recap off of the last blog I had about letting loose. I have now been back from spring break for a little over one week now and have lost almost all the weight I had put on from junk food and lots and lots of ice cream. My dieting is 100% on track with Anabolic Fasting and my workouts are going better than ever, even starting to develop my own little 5am crew at the gym most days of the week. Ok so now that I’m back on track I’ve got some work to do to prepare for some events! First off in June I have my first ever Spartan Race! This race has intrigued me for years now and I am incredibly blessed to be able to compete and test out my abilities in the historic Lambeau Field where the race is taking place. I have started training for this already by increasing my endurance and doing my 800m walking lunges daily 5 times a week and the other 2 days doing 400m Lunges with a 30lb dumbbell in a backpack. This will develop my legs and muscular endurance for whatever Spartan throws my way (also excellent form of cardio). Next up is the Terrain Race Chicago in September! This is a 5k obstacle race where you get wet, muddy, climb over and under obstacles and is just an all around blast. I did this same race last year and it was my first ever obstacle race. I immediately fell in love with them and therefore signed up for more in 2017. Then just one week later in October I will be doing something I thought would be just flat out stupid to try. I will be running in the 2017 Chicago Marathon! 26.2 miles of pure struggle, heart and determination for me as I am not a runner at all. The most I ever had to run was 90ft at a time playing baseball, much more doable than 26.2 miles! This is going to be quite the emotional experience for me as for what I’ve been through with my injury and I cannot wait to cross that finish line and give the glory to God for what He has enabled me to do. Lastly and for me the biggest challenge yet, in November I will be stepping on stage to compete in a Men’s Physique Show! This is without a doubt going to be something new for me and waaaay out of my comfort zone, which is why I’m excited about it. I will be testing out different workout methods trying to gain a little size by that time and will probably start my cut for the show 15 weeks out on August 5th. My expectations are high, even though this will be my first ever show, I am expecting to place in the top 3 in my group. All of these events I have coming up are no doubt exciting and self motivating, but I could not do any of it if it weren’t for my friends especially my business partner Colton, my family for their support, and of course most importantly God. Set Goals, say them out loud, believe in them and go get after it! #BeRelentless

~Zach Kotecki


“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” – 1 Corinthians 10:31


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