Dialing Back In!

As Zach talked about last week over our week spent in Florida we “let loose” no diet, no watching what we put in our bodies, and we enjoyed ourselves. Now vacation is over and its time to dial in back in. Dial back in to our training, diet, and relentless pursuit of our goals.

By having that vacation as a reset, it is hard to come back to reality and the frustration of eating clean. So it made me think about how important it is to have a plan and a goal in mind when diving back into things.
Maybe you slipped up this week and fell off your diet plan on Wednesday night, and decided you’d start again next Monday. First, don’t wait till Monday! Second, have a reason to jump back on the saddle and keep pushing. It can be as simple as fit into those pants from last year, or even lose some crazy amount of weight and transform your life. Whatever it is your goals have to have a purpose and a time frame. For me the next thing on my calendar that I’m pushing towards is a shoot for a TV show about my weight loss so I want to be back down to where I was before Florida, I have 10 days now to get ready for that!
You may not be getting ready to get interviewed or have your picture taken, but you maybe getting ready for spring break, Easter, graduations, etc. The list goes on and on. So I challenge you guys this week to find a date on the calendar to dial in towards, set your goals around that date, and #GETAFTERIT

Be Relentless,
Colton Anderson

IG- @therelentlessfitness


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