Letting Loose 

What’s up everyone!! So this week is going to be a little different. I have been on vacation in Florida since Saturday and have been EXTREMELY relaxed in my dieting. On my normal day to day living I meal prep for the week ahead of time and stay dialed in to my nutrition very well eating certain amounts at specific times of the day. However I am using this short term of time to treat myself to eating what I desire. Let me tell you, it’s definitely nice to have ice cream and endless cookies and whatnot when I want to but I have not lost sight of my goals. I am still waking up at 5:30am to go to the gym do my lifts and stick to that normal routine. I have increased my daily lunges to 25 minutes and have incorporated 15 minutes of 45 pound weighted Lunges today to switch things up and keep my metabolism firing. This week has been great to have a chance to get all those cravings I’ve had out of the way and realize that eating like this all the time is NOT worth it and you can easily get sick of ice cream and treats; something I thought was never possible growing up. Also did you know they make Oreo covered almonds! It’s a must try for sure. As for now I have a few more days to “relax” and enjoy this time to treat myself while still hitting the weights just as hard as I always do giving Max Effort. I cannot wait to be back home in Chicago and back to the daily grind and get my body closer to where my goals are! Also stay tuned in the next couple weeks for a big announcement and step in my fitness journey! 
Stay Relentless,

-Zach Kotecki

IG: zachkoteckifitness

Facebook: Relentless Fitness


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