The Struggles of Cravings

Many people struggle when it comes to dieting or changing the way they eat, because they get a giant craving for something that does not fit into their meal plan. It may be sweets, some fried meal, or some snack foods, anything really! The problem then comes in once someone takes actions on these cravings. I’ve fallen guilty to the urge of craving ice cream or a bagel or whatever. The issue that comes in that I tried to avoid the most is one slip up leads to two cheats, or three and a few days later the diet is no where to be seen and we revert back to our old ways.

When I am zoned in on my diet, I use a few tricks that helped to shutdown those cravings and they worked really well for me. I hope they can work for you as well. A few tricks include: drink water, eat something healthy, read your goals out loud, go workout, and/or write down the craving.
The first one drink water when we get these cravings, it can be for many reasons we are bored and sitting there thinking about it. We saw something advertised that made us think dang that sounds good, then we think we are hungry and need to eat! Drink a few glasses of water and wait an hour and see if that craving is still there after all that, or if it was just a “bored” craving.
Maybe our body really is hungry, maybe we didn’t eat enough at lunch, so we are hungry and we crave something to eat that does not align with our goals. So before we cheat and give into the craving, much like drinking water. Eat a healthy snack, a spinach salad, a yogurt, some almonds, find healthy snacks to help keep from being hungry until. your next meal. After eating your snack, just like water, wait an hour and see if you still really want it!
READ YOUR GOALS OUTLOUD! Sometimes we forget why we are changing our lifestyle and eating habits! Because we have goals and this is part of the plan to achieving them. So when the cravings come on strong; take a moment to step back, look at the bigger picture and realize that our goals are bigger than that cookie or bag of chips!
Go workout, back to the “bored” cravings, we fall into the trap of seeing awesome stuff to eat and try on television or advertised on the radio. We have the time to relax and are watching or listening to these ads and we trigger a craving. So before we can give into that craving, go workout! Once we workout, that keeps us from eating right away and forces us to really think about if we want to put that workout to waste by going and messing up or diet!
Finally, if after trying these tactics, and we STILL want whatever it is we are craving, then write it down, so when cheat day comes, whether that be the next day or a whole week away. You have it written down as a reminder of what to eat on your cheat day, as well as something to look forward too and a reason to stay dialed in on exercise and diet until then!

Hope these can help you guys! Use them!

Get After It,
Colton Anderson


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