The Gym Mindset

How do you approach your typical day at the gym? Like some do you think of your favorite muscle group you want to hit or get bigger? Maybe set some time aside and create a killer playlist to pump some iron to? Or unfortunately like most, just hop in your car and go to the gym with no set strategy no game plan of what you’re going to workout that day. When I first started lifting in high school I was one of the people who today I would like to punch in the face and scold them on proper gym etiquette and planning. I would LIVE for chest day and always skimp on leg day.. I would see another kid doing chest flys and think to myself oh that looks good I’ll do that next and then think of shoulder exercises and just jump from body part to body part. Surprisingly I saw some muscular changes in due time; after all I still was lifting weights, but it wasn’t until I started studying how to lift and really absorbing all the information I could about program planning, push/pull methods, super-sets/ drop sets, etc… that I REALLY and others started to see physique changes (and let me tell ya as a teenager it’s more than enough fuel to keep ya going trying to impress the ladies, let’s be real here guys haha). When you walk into the gym on whatever day it is, you should already know what exercises you’re going to do, you should be thinking about the movements on the way there getting yourself pumped up with some Chance the Rapper blasting in your car. Once you walk in that gym you’re ready to ATTACK THE DAY! If it’s arm day and you’re doing curls you shouldn’t be standing doing reps and looking around the gym seeing who’s looking or thinking about anything else but your bicep physically pulling that weight up and putting it down slowly. When you focus on that mind to muscle connection you’ll be amazed at how much more the muscle gets worked, each rep each set. The more you focus on this the more muscle fibers you will recruit to your lift thus generating more progress to your muscle gains. Just like Arnold says, “The weights are just a means to an end; how well you contract the muscles is what training is all about.” So next time you head to the gym keep in mind to go there with a set plan, knowing what muscle groups you’re going to dominate and focus on the mind to muscle connection! Once I started implementing this to my daily regimen there was no going back.

Prepare, apply and dominate!

“I prepare to win, I prepare to dominate, I prepare to conquer, …I prepare to win it all, and that’s one of the reasons I’m here”. -Deion Sanders

Zach Kotecki. NSCA-CPT
IG: @relentlessfitness25


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