Game Plan. 

2/8/17Today is the day we have been looking forward to now for about 2 months, we are heading over to Iron Valley Barbell in Indianapolis, Indiana to train and meet with Zach Homol. Zach is a record holder powerlifter, owner of IVB and a staff member of Max Effort Muscle. We could just drive 3 hours from Chicago and go workout and have it be just another day, but that is not our style. We (Relentless Fitness) are on a mission. We have a game plan and this is just the beginning of it. We plan on going to IVB and getting straight to the lifts and work like animals while we are there to show we mean business. Then we can hopefully get to ask Zach all sorts of questions both from a lifters aspect and a business aspect. Zach has been through it all and has experience in both areas which we can implement into our futures as lifters and future gym owners. You can always learn and take advice from anyone you encounter in life, in fact I challenge you to do exactly that. Ask your parents your teachers or grandparents to tell you a story and be prepared to hear some pretty amazing things. Take everything in and learn from others. Tomorrow’s game plan is set. We will depart for IVB at 8am. We will try our best to make ourselves stand out and make an impression to one of our role models. We will succeed because we have the mindset, the determination and most importantly we have a game plan.
-Zach Kotecki

IG: @relentlessfitness25
“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery


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