Importance of Accountability Partner

The Importance of Having an Accountability Partner

Who holds you accountable? For some it may still be your parents, others it may be your significant other, roommate, or whomever it may be. These people in our lives are the reason we get up each day and pursue a degree or a career. They drive us even if we don’t always realize it. So why then are we hesitant to have an accountability partner for reaching our goals. Zach and I play this role for each other a lot, each day we text each other what we eat, when we take supplements, when we go to the gym what we lifted. This so critical because it would be easy to have a couple drinks or eat that container of ice cream and not have to tell anyone, but when someone is there that you have to report too, you think twice about it because that feeling of having to confess to them that you strayed away from your goals sucks. It doesn’t hurt as much when you can lie to yourself and say you deserve the treat or deserve to skip the gym but when you have to hear excuses out loud and tell them to someone else thats hard. From the other side a great accountability partner is not going to let you give them those excuses, they will understand that everyone makes mistakes and you are going to slip up sometime, but they will be there to help get you back on the right track. An accountability partner is important in all aspects of life, more than just in the gym or in your diet, but you can have an accountability partner for going to church, reading , doing your homework, even financially in terms of spending. We all struggle sometimes during these long periods it takes to reach our goals, will power can only go so far. We need some help so I challenge you this week to find someone to be your accountability partner, work with each other to find things that you can hold each other accountable for. Make each other better and as always GET AFTER IT!

“As Iron sharpens Iron, so one man sharpens another”
Proverbs 27:17

Colton Anderson
@relentlessfitness58 on Instagram


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