Embrace Adversity!

“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it”  -Moliere

This week I had originally planned to write about something completely different but today I had a pretty unforeseen obstacle come up in my life. I’m not going to bore you with the details of my problems because I am sure you have your own obstacles you are working through. My hope is that this may shed a positive light on the steps of working through that obstacle.

So here we are staring at whatever that obstacle or adversity may be in front of you. You can approach it many ways, there may be many options to get around this obstacle but in the end it has to be taken care of. For most people it is financial obstacles because of either car problems, health care needs, loans, loss a job, what ever it may be. Many people would roll over and let this consume them and rob them of their joy. If you are reading this I am going to assume you are not most people. You are wired differently, you want to be RELENTLESS. So now I challenge you, like I challenged myself to be grateful for adversity because it immediately gives you an opportunity to set a new goal. Goal 1 now becomes this obstacle, so you can get back on track with your true goals and your “normal” life. You have the chance to have your back against the wall to see how you are going to respond when life hits and when life hits hard. Now as you proceed to get over the obstacle and overcome the adversity be excited for the chance to see how much you can take and not break. It is also an amazing opportunity for you to test to see if your ultimate goal is worth the stress or suffering of this adversity in front of you. If you can’t handle this adversity maybe you aren’t cut out to handle the work it will take to reach your ultimate goals in life. When I was blind sided by some adversity this past week, it threw off some of my plans I had to reach my ultimate goal but it didn’t break me it just made me change my path. It made me step back and look at how far am I willing to go to reach my ultimate long term goals, how much adversity am I willing to overcome to make my dreams come true. I am thankful for this adversity for this audible in the plan, because it helped solidify in my mind that I am willing to do anything to reach my goals. A little adversity excites me, I am grateful for it! It makes me feel alive, it gives me a little extra push and purpose to work on overcoming it! I challenge you this week to find joy in the obstacles you face and embrace adversity!


until next time,
Colton A.
@relentlessfitness58 on Instagram


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