Forget About Yearly Resolutions

We are now 4 days in to 2017, unfortunately many of those amazing resolutions that you had planned for this year may already be slipping away. You may not have the will power you had the first two days to avoid eating that donut on the way to work or you may have already thought about skipping the gym. Let me tell you why setting that 2017 resolution is only going to result in failure. For example, lets say your resolution is to lose 20 pounds in 2017. You more than likely thought about losing those 20 pounds in 2016. Why didn’t you start then?! Because there is this magical feeling with 2017 that new year, new me stuff. Here is where it gets hard because come the middle part of January that new feeling wears off. The resolution talk goes away and you return to the habits of 2016. So how do you stay motivated and not fail on your promises to yourself like in years past, you set GOALS. Weekly, monthly, 6 month, then finally yearly goals or if you want the wording, resolutions. January 1st 2017 and March 26th 2017 are just days. You can make any day the day you decide to change your life and begin your fitness journey. Start with weekly and daily goals, something you can look at each week, each day and not be intimidated by a whole year. Start with something like no pizza this week, don’t skip the gym today, lose 1 pound a week. Then put those 4 mini week goals into a month long goal, lose 5 pounds, don’t skip the gym, only eat out 4 times. Now you are catching on take that month long goal and expand that into 6 months or even a year. Now you have a plan set up of smaller goals constantly building on the other to reach your yearly goal or “resolution”. You can’t accomplish the major goals if you don’t have a plan, by setting weekly goals you are implementing the steps it will take to eventually accomplish your ultimate goal, but have miniature wins and constant motivation along the way. So, set your goals for this week, start today, don’t wait until Monday or until tomorrow, start now. GET AFTER IT!

“The problem with starting tomorrow is that tomorrow never comes”



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